How Can You Prevent Dryer Vent Fire?

Dryer Vent Fire

Dryer vent fire is a common phenomenon all over the world and especially in the United States of America. According to a study, almost 75% of homes in the United States have dryer vent and almost 25% of fires in the country are caused by the unclean dryer vents. A dryer vent fire can spread quickly causing severe damage to the building. An unclean dryer vent is more dangerous for you then you can imagine while other issues with ducting and installation of the vent can also lead to severe problems. It is, therefore, necessary to seek the help of the professionals while installing a dryer vent or changing its parts. Similarly, it is necessary to clean the vent both from the front, inside and backside regularly so that the chances of fire damages can be mitigated. Comprehensive dryer vent safety standards have been issued by authorities covering all parts of the vents in order to prevent them from causing harm to the people. These standards should be provided with the dryer vents so that the users can acquaint themselves and apply them while using. Similarly, the users should search these standards online and read them to keep themselves and their homes safe. Some of the tips to prevent the dryer vents from causing a fire are as follows:

Cleaning the Dryer Duct and Exhaust Duct

These two ducts should be completely clean in order to prevent the chances of a dryer vent fire. You can check the outside dryer duct when the machine is running in order to determine if smooth hot hair is leaving from this end. If this is not the case then some area of the exhaust duct is blocked which needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning behind the Dryer Duct and Lint Screen

These are two areas in the system where the lint particles can clog leading to the risk of
dryer vent fire. The lint particles if clogged in a significant amount will lit up on slight ignition causing a fire on a larger scale. It is necessary to regularly clean these two areas so that the risk of fire can be mitigated.

Correctly ducting the Pipes

The improper ducting such as the use of not recommended material results in uneven air discharge, which results in severe damage. Only the standard semi-rigid metal materials should be used for ducting purposes. It has been found out that other materials also result in clogging of lint particles that lead to fires.