How to perform laptop cleaning at home?

laptop cleaning

Laptop cleaning is a sophisticated process and extreme care is required in order to properly clean some of the parts. However, it is also necessary to perform the laptop cleaning process regular owing to the fact that laptops accumulate dirt, which can damage or affect the performance. The keyboard of the laptop comes regularly in contact with hands, which can leave marks and stains on the surface. Screen and outer surface are most affected by the conditions and experience wear and tear. Regularly cleaning all these parts will ensure a decent look of the laptop as well as keep different parts performing well. Below we will explain a laptop cleaning process consisting of three main parts of the laptop i.e. screen, keyboard, and case.

Cleaning Laptop Screen

Laptop screen accumulates lots of dirt and dust over the course of time. This can affect the display quality of the laptop. Over the course of time, the dirt may start to firmly stick with the surface making it more difficult to clean it. Some of the ways of removing dirt from the laptop surface are as follows:

  1. The dust from the laptop surface is removable by using a microfiber cloth. Gently rub the surface of the laptop and keep changing the side of the cloth so that the cleaned area is being rubbed all the time. Do not press hard against the screen.
  2. A damp sponge is also effective in case the dirt is present for a long time. A small quantity of water with a sponge can wipe the dirt off the screen.

Cleaning Laptop Keyboard

Cleaning keyboard during the laptop cleaning process is more complicated as compared to the screen cleaning. However, the greatest amount of dust is also stuck inside the keyboard as well. Some of the steps for cleaning the keyboard are as follows:

  1. Use a keyboard vacuum cleaner in order to remove dust and other small particles.
  2. Dust also comes off from the keyboard through gentle shaking.
  3. Most of the dust is stuck between different keyboard keys. We recommend using cotton swabs to remove them.
  4. In case the keys are removable then deep, cleaning of the keyboard can also be performed.

Cleaning Laptop Case

Laptop case should be regularly cleaned since it affects the look of the laptop. All sorts of dirt, stains, and scratches may appear on the case and they will become hard to remove over the course of time. We recommend the following steps to clean laptop case:

  1. Gently clean the laptop case using a cleaning solution.
  2. A sponge can remove hard stains from the case along with a cleaning solution.
  3. Cotton swabs can remove dust from the crevices.
  4. Dust can accumulate in the laptop ports. We recommend blowing compressed air in order to remove it.
  5. Many scratches may appear over the case without ones noticing. A microfiber cloth if rubbed gently can ease and smooth out these scratches.
  6. An alcohol solution can be useful in removing sticking debris from the surface.