How to Clean Copper using Home Supplies?

clean copper

It may take more effort to clean copper with the help of homemade supplies but it is cost-effective and can be carried out more frequently. Oxidization is a major problem with copper that can tarnish the shine of the copper manufactured products over the course of time. Similarly, dirt and stains may start to deposit as well resulting in need of the cleaning process to be performed. In this article, we will discuss methods to clean copper with the help of natural supplies. Some of the easy to apply methods are as follows:

Copper Cleaning using Vinegar and Salt

Vinegar and salt are two natural cleaners that can be used to clean oxidized copper services. A solution of vinegar and salt can be created for taking an appropriate amount as per your requirements. Usually, 1 tablespoon of salt is added to 1 cup of vinegar. Now apply the solution on the oxidized service and rub it gently with the help of a soft cloth. The oxidized surface will start to clear after some time and the clear shiny surface will appear.

Copper Cleaning using Lemon/Lime

Lemon or lime is also considered to be an effective natural cleaner since it can also remove the deposits and tarnish on metal items. In order to clean the copper products using lemon, the process involves the rubbing of half of the lemon on the copper surface. In order to achieve better results and clean copper properly in terms of removing oxidized residues, some quantity of salt can also be applied along with lime. Once the copper surface has been cleaned, rinse it with water and dry with the help of a soft cloth.

Copper Cleaning using Sulfamic Acid

It is another popular method to clean copper and remove the tarnish deposited. In order to
apply this method, a solution of sulfamic acid with water needs to be created. The concentration of the acid depends on the condition of the copper piece that needs to be cleaned. Once an appropriate mixture has been prepared, pour it into a bowl having a suitable volume to accommodate the copper piece as well besides the mixture. Now place the copper piece into the mixture and let the mixture perform its action on the oxidized surface. The

solution will start bubbling after some time. It is an indication to remove the item from the
cleaning solution. Now rinse the item and dry it with the help of a cloth that should give a clean shiny look.